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The Eze-Breeze unique 3 season window unit is the easiest cost effective solution to enclosing patios, porches, decks, hot tubs and more. Eze-Breeze fills the gap between screen enclosures and insulated 4 season rooms. Eze-Breeze has four sliding vents that nest up or down over the attached screen. When completely open you have 75% screen. Remove the vents and you have 100% screen. Closed you have 100% protection from wind and weather.

The rugged vinyl glazing has the transparency of glass without the cost or weight. The clean lines and pleasing proportions complement any architecture or style of home. The Eze-Breeze system is custom made to fit any space or new construction. The system is constructed with durable aluminum frames that hold the screen and vinyl glazed panels in place. The vinyl-glazed panels can be raised or lowered effortlessly. Open the panels to enjoy the fresh air or close them to provide protection from the wind, rain, and dust while still enjoying the outdoors.

Available Colors