Insolroll offers digital printing on solar screen and blackout fabric shades for both residential and commercial applications. Imagine the possibilities to improve corporate identity and use custom graphics in windows on printed roller shades as a design element in commercial applications. Digital printing on shades facing the building exterior is the perfect way for many businesses to replace traditional promotional posters and signage that look unsightly from the inside with a high quality retractable product that still allows view through.

Max screen size

Full coverage artwork: 126″ x 144″
Maximum Logo Size: 24 sq. ft.


Digitally Printed Roller Shades Enhance Commercial Signage

Roller Shades with high quality digital printing have a relatively low cost, long life, and 24-hour-a-day work ethic. A well-designed, well-placed Printed roller shade can generate thousands of impressions every day for years or the time of a specific promotion

Printed Window Shades Solve Glare problems While Maximizing Advertising Value

The shades can pay for themselves with marketing results and solve Sun problems in the process. Most retail applications need glare control to see cash registers and computers.

Add Printing to Solar Shades and shades provide more value with cost effective marketing messages.  Note that images printed on the outside of shade are visible to inside unless printed on blackout or SilverScreen solar shades.


Digitally Printed Window Shades create one of kind interior design

Think of a roller shade as a blank canvas. We can print any custom design or photograph on your shade to create the look you are after. Photos from your personal collection can personalize your home.

Custom artwork can be created from scratch or purchased from third party art and photo websites. If purchasing artwork from a third-party site, consult with us first to ensure you have the proper resolution.

Custom, Retractable Printed Roller Shades Hide a Flatscreen TV and Make it a Work of Art

Printed roller shades can be incorporated into decorative molding and wall structure or permanently mounted picture frame to hide big screen TVs when not in use. This provides a much simpler, safer solution to disguising a large television than many of the methods currently in use, such as doors/panels that fold up, down, or otherwise project into the room space. With a printed roller shade cover, the fabric simply rolls up into the roller behind the molding at the touch of a remote control button. Nothing to slide, lift, step around or reach for. Simple yet elegant, and the best part is, you have complete control over what the panel looks like.

Printed Window Shades with Decorative Borders, Banding & Patterns

Decorative borders, banding, custom shade colors and pattern printing make fabric selection limitless.  Think of your shade selection as a way to enhance your room’s design- it could be a feature item with a piece of artwork, or a customized pattern that either matches or complements your entire scheme. Or add a custom, decorative border to complete your design concept.

Whether we are putting a border on a shade, using a custom pattern or artwork from a graphic designer, or using a family photo; printed roller shades have infinite design possibilities.

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Just a few testimonials

The men who completed the installation did a great job.

Charles is the 1st person I will call when we need more screens(which we will).

Kyle was great! He kept us informed of our install status and installed the screen door perfectly.

Perfect, love it, just what we were looking for. Thank you.

We have told many people about your work and company. The project looks nothing like we thought is would! WOW! Mike and the other 3 guys were great!

Very thorough and pleasant.

Love them all. Refer you to all my friends and neighbors.

Thank you!

Love the door!! And now I understand that the screen is loose on top and bottom and can blow loose in windy situations.

I do want to tell you that your guys were GREAT to work with. We’ve had so many bad experiences with this new house that it was refreshing to have a company treat us like they appreciated our business. As a business owner, it has been amazing to me the complete lack of customer service most of these subcontractors provide. I guess business is so good they figure they can treat customers like dirt.

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